Dayton PLC

From January 23 to February 28, 2017, this site will be a learning space for a small cohort of English teachers at the University of Dayton. If you are part of that cohort, this information is for you. If you aren’t part of that cohort, feel free to join in the annotated discussions and/or enjoy the site on your own or with another group.

Syllabus for Dayton PLC

During the end of January, and throughout February, we will be learning together using the posts and resources on this site. Unlike another online course, this learning experience will be truly hybrid in that it will rely on conversations both on the site and within your on-ground cohort.

Online discussions will be facilitated by our use of, a digital, social annotation tool. For instructions on how to set up your account, visit the page. When you annotate, you’ll want to be sure to use the DaytonPLC group. Once you’ve created your account, click here to join the DaytonPLC group. Then, each time you begin to annotate, make sure you’ve toggled to the group name so that everyone in your cohort can see and respond to your annotations.

As a final project for this learning experience, you’ll be completing the Course Proposal Draft Form, which is due for your cohort on March 1, 2017.









  • Read and annotate “Emergence
  • On-ground meeting in Dayton, 12:05-1:15pm EST
    • Discuss Problem #2



  • Read and annotate “Teaching for Beauty”
  • On-ground meeting in Dayton, 12:05-1:15pm EST
    • Discuss Reflection #2


Course Proposal Draft Form due for review (optional).


You’ll be working through a few small assignments as you go. These are meant to be formative, reflective, and the basis for discussion during on-ground meetings. You should feel free to write up your thoughts and include them in an e-mail to Sean (, but this isn’t required. The “Problems” and “Reflections” can be annotated, too, so if you would like to make notes to yourself or one another that way, it might help spur conversations when you meet together as a group.