This web site is enabled with Hypothes.is, a social, digital annotation tool. What that means is that you can make notes (to yourself or publicly) in the “margins” on every page and post on the site. You’ll note that none of the blog posts or pages have comments enabled; this is because I believe that useful discussion isn’t linear, comments following one after another like handshakes at a funeral. Rather, I hope to inspire much more creative, spiraling discussions that are as iterative at Critical Instructional Design itself.

Getting started with Hypothes.is is easy:

  1. Sign up for Hypothes.is. You’ll need to create a username and password. And because Hypothes.is is enabled here, you can sign up using annotation sidebar in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Once you sign up, you’ll need to confirm your username and password via a link in your e-mail inbox.
  3. Then, return to this site, and open the annotation sidebar to hide/reveal annotations, or make notes on the page.

To make annotations:

  1. Highlight text on the page.
  2. Select “Annotate”.
  3. Select “Post” to save.
  4. Annotations can be public, private, or shared with a group. There are also formatting and tagging options, and you can edit, delete, or share your annotations once they’re posted.